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84 Years of Service


The LIONS (Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety) was founded in 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. It began with business men wanting to give back to their community. The motto of the Lions became, and still is, “We Serve.”

In 1925, Helen Keller asked the Lions to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.” Her request inspired the Lions to focus on helping people with sight and sound needs.

The Lions is currently the largest service organization in the world, with 1.35 million members in 46,000 clubs, in 206 countries. Lions help people receive glasses and hearing aids, support victims of natural disasters, recycle glasses, build parks for children, and provide many other needed services.

The Galena Lions Club was chartered on September 14, 1936. This chapter has provided support and service throughout the years to the Galena community, with sight and sound needs and many community projects.

Community Service

Here are some of the ways the Galena Lions Club has served in the last five years:
  • $100,000 donated for the needs of local community organizations, including the Galena ARC, United Churches of Galena, Food Pantry, Girl Schouts, Boy Scouts, Toys for Tots, American Red Cross NW Il. Chapter, Galena Area Emergency Medical Services, Safe Haven, Tyler's Justice Center, Galena Stauss Community Care Center, & 6th Grade Field Trips.
  • $60,000 donated to sight and hearing causes, such as individuals in need of eye exams, glasses, hearing aids, and cataract surgery, as well as scopes for Horseshoe Mound viewing, and audio books for the Galena Public Library.
  • Built kiosks at the city owned Gateway Park and Horseshoe Mound to provide information sights for the public.
  • $36,000 given as scholarships to students pursuing and education towards occupations in sight and hearing fields.
  • Collected and recycled over 1,000 pairs of glasses, to benefit those in need.
  • $30,000 donated to various state, national, and international needs, such as the Leader Dog Program in Rochester Hills, Michigan, the Illinois Eye Bank, and Lions of Illinois Foundation, Camp Lions, and disaster relief in several different areas of the state, country, and the world.

To serve our community by providing voluntary services and financial assistance, especially in the areas of sight and hearing, within an atmosphere of fellowship and fun, and in keeping with the Lions’ traditions of community involvement, international cooperation, and environmental protection.

Galena Lions Club P.O. Box 56, Galena, Illinois 61036
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