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Beer Stein Endurance Contest

A challenging and fun event that tests both strength and endurance. This well-known and competitive Bavarian strength contest sounds much easier than it actually is. 


The goal is simple, hold a full stein at shoulder height, parallel with the ground as long as possible. If the contestant waivers (or spills), he/she is eliminated.


How long could you last?

galena oktoberfest
Endurance Contest Rules
  • $10 entry fee
  • Limited to first twenty people per gender who sign up the day of the event beginning at noon.
  • The contestants will hold a beer stein in one hand with one arm stretched outright, parallel with the ground, for as long as possible the contestants will be ruled out of the contest with any bend of the elbow holding the stein or with any spillage of the liquid.
  • The winner is the person who holds the stein the longest among the other nine competitors. The winner of each heat will compete in a final round to determine the champion.
  • There will be no practice period or grace period before each round. Once the competition begins, it will continue until there is only one person standing properly with their full stein.
  • Each male and female winner receives a Galena Oktoberfest beer stein and commemorative t-shirt.
  • CLICK HERE to view a copy of the rules for the contest
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